They say that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. While our specialties can’t help to any great extent with the first certainty, we can apply our expertise and knowledge to help local business and residents with all their income tax return needs. When tax time rolls around this year, be sure to make an appointment with TSK Accountants – the income tax return professionals committed to helping you get the most positive outcome.


Anyone who earns a wage, salary or income from Centrelink or another Government agency is legally required to report those earnings to the Australian Taxation Office by way of submitting an annual income tax return. While it’s possible to complete your tax return online yourself, an income tax return specialist can help you find and claim deductions (such as work related expenses) you might not have been aware of. They can also assist you with implementing strategies that reduce your taxable income for the following financial year.


TSK Accountants can help businesses set up as sole traders or partnerships with their tax returns. We’ll help you reduce your taxable income figure by examining your deductibles; these can include anything from work related expenses through to assets costing less than $20,000, as well as specific business start-up costs and prepaid business expenses. We can be of assistance all year round – not just at tax time – plus we offer fixed pricing which itself can be tax deductible.

Make sure you get the most out of your income tax return this tax year. Make an appointment with TSK Accountants by calling (03) 8721 9989 or sending an email to

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