Annual Financial Accounts

Annual Financial Accounts

An annual financial statement is a crucial document for owners of many medium to large sized businesses, as it provides the key financial reports for the last 12 months. These statements are issued to all shareholders and stakeholders of the company. They typically cover a standard calendar year, but they can also span a business’ fiscal year. Throughout the year, the company will issue individual reports such as a balance sheet, income statement, the statement of stockholders’ equity, and the cash flow statement. The business’ investors and creditors will generally make any financial decisions moving forward based on the analysis of the reports.

If you need assistance drafting and compiling your annual financial statement and/or quarterly reports, make an appointment with TSK Accountants. We’ll help you produce a document that’s easy for all readers to understand.

Why It’s Important to Get Your Annual Financial Statement Right

Not only does your annual financial statement show how you’ve been tracking for the last 12 months, but it also provides the grounding on which to forecast future performance. TSK can help you prepare your financial documents either quarterly or monthly – we recommend not leaving it until the last minute – so you can make informed, practical decisions based on relatively up to date information. Our specialists will help you get your profit and loss and balance sheets in order and prepare the necessary interim statements (as well as the annual document) that you can deliver to your shareholders.

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